This is the best bread EVER!!!!! Not to mention the easiest.

4 Cups of plain flour
2 tspn salt
2 1/4 tspn of dry yeast
3 tspn white sugar
about 2 cups of luke warm water

Mix all the dry ingredients together. Make a well in the middle and pour 2 cups of luke warm water. Using a folk mix it all together. If the dough is a bit dry add a little more luke warm water. This dough will be a little on the wet side. Cover with a damp cloth and put somewhere warm until it doubles in size. Usually on a couple of hours. Using another fold fold the dough in on itself working from the outside until most of the air comes out. Using two folks separate the dough into halves. Place in two oven proof dishes generously greased with butter or you can use canola oil in a mister. Allow to rise again. Not too long this time. Only about another hour. Bake in a hot oven 425 for about 20 minutes and drop the temperature down to 375 for another 15 minutes. The bread will be golden and crusty on top. Drop the bread out onto a cutting board straight out of the oven to cool.

Here are some other things you might want to know. If you want the bread to stay crusty leave it uncovered. If you want the crust to be soft then cover it once its almost cool with plastic wrap.

For bread rolls, using the folks again keep dividing the mixture in half until you get the dough about the size of rolls. Reduce the time in the oven by about 5 minutes for each cycle. 5 minutes for the 425 and 5 minutes for the 375. You can adjust the size of the bread to meet your needs.

Awesome recipe. One the family just love.